Workability Solutions: Corporate Health

Looking after the health of your business

Vision: The workplace will be an environment where all individuals of working age will have the opportunity to access and remain in meaningful work regardless of health condition or impairment.

Mission: Looking after the health of your business to make the workplace accessible to all, and employees to participate to and achieve their potential.

Culture: A mutual benefit service and toolkit for employers and their employees which helps to remove barriers to work and is based on impartial, ethical, evidence-based advice and best practice.


Respect: Respecting Individuality

Excellence: Information and Delivery

Support: Supporting businesses to keep individuals productively in the workplaces

Passion: Making Occupational Health accessible to all

Ethics: Operating with Integrity and Transparency

Commitment: Placing Individuals at the Heart of the Service

Trust: A System that builds Confidence and Relationships

Occupational Health and Health Management Services

Did you know that occupational disease accounts for almost double the cost of occupational injury? 

Employee health is an important and expensive area of risk.  Ill health, whether related or unrelated to work, needs to be addressed sensitively and consistently.  You may have identified health problems or trends, either individual or across a department.

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We explore and assess your business health risks and help you to manage them.

If you look after your staff, they’ll look after your customers. It’s that simple.“Richard Branson

Network Services

Do you need a service related to Occupational Health?  Consult our network now;

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How is Workability Solutions™ different?

We offer best-value practical advice and support based on research and evidence, tailored for Employers and Line Managers, Individual employees, and Occupational Health professionals.

We believe in collaborative partnerships, with regular client meetings.  These build relationships and enable us to work well together, to achieve the best outcome for businesses and their employees.

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