Occupational physiotherapy

If we believe that your condition may be triggered or aggravated by your work, we may suggest specialist assessments and interventions.

We can refer you to specialist physiotherapists for work and heaPHYSIOlth.

Since 1 January 2015, an exemption from income tax applies where an employer funds recommended medical treatment where the recommendation itself meets specific requirements set out in section 320C ITEPA 2003 and regulations made under that section.

This means that expenses incurred by an employer to cover medical treatment, which is recommended to an employee for the purposes of assisting the employee to return to work after a period of absence due to injury or ill health, should not be treated as conferring a chargeable benefit on the employee. The exemption applies to expenditure up to a cap of £500 per tax year per employee.

Funding assistance for your employer may be available via the Healthandwork scheme.

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