Manager enquiry form

Welcome to our online advice tool for managers.

This form will help you to identify and consider management interventions that will support your employee and decide whether to

  • request initial evidence based recommendations and advice by email to help you to carry out your responsibilities when an employee has a health condition affecting their ability to carry out their job, or
  • refer for an individual Occupational Health Assessment with a report tailored to the needs of the individual employee.

We offer you a ‘pay-as-you-go’ service.  If you are not authorised to purchase advice, please ask your account holder to set up a purchase order based on our GENERAL SERVICE AGREEMENT 

Services available:

  1. Generic advice about a health condition;
  2. Initial advice: an email to help you to carry out your responsibilities when an employee has a health condition affecting their ability to carry out their job;
  3. Workplace visit: assessment of your workplace and advice to help you manage the health risks;
  4. Occupational Health Assessment: a consultation with an employee to understand their health condition(s) and advice:
  • for your employee how to self-manage their condition more effectively;
  • for you about their fitness for work and any adjustments that you need to consider;
  • NB If you are not authorised to purchase advice, please ask your account holder to set up a purchase order using the attached contract.Clinical audit 
  • Occupational health records 
  • OH service 
  • Health management services:
    • Develop your health and well-being strategy
    • Health needs assessment (Face to face, skype and telephone)
    • Data analysis and report of your organisation’s health management
    • Health assessment to support attendance and performance management
      • physical and emotional capacity
      • health barriers to work;
    • Functional assessment to identify:
      • unresolved health issues;
      • physical and emotional capacity
      • health barriers to work;
      • adjustments and adaptations;
      • prognosis;
      • legal issues, e.g Equality Act
  • Training:
    • Line managers
    • HR professionals
    • Health and safety team
    • Occupational health team

Helping you manage your team’s health and absences with our pay-as-you-go service. Individual referrals and interim services also available.

Workability Solutions™ specialises in assessing and supporting employers of people with long-term health conditions or disabilities; to improve their workability and return to work.  Where this is not possible, we will help you to manage them and make employment decisions; while support the individual to apply for early retirement on the grounds of ill-health and signpost individuals to support available to reduce the impact of their condition or disability on their daily living activities and well-being (emotional, physical and financial).

Staff experiencing performance or attendance difficulties can put a strain on any team, so knowing how to manage the issue sensitively, fairly and decisively is crucial.

Our pay-as-you-go service also connects you with our network of trusted Specialist Occupational Health Nurse Practitioners. We offer:

  • a management referral service to assess your employees’ fitness for work, identify interventions and adjustments and refer to specialist agencies;
  • an employment health assessment service for new employees, advising on reasonable adjustments for employees with long-term conditions and disabilities;
  • consultation and development health management policies and procedures, including stakeholder workshops and process mapping;
  • identification of the key features for corporate health and expatriate health insurance policies.

What do we provide?

The management referral service provides independent opinion and advice about a member of staff’s fitness for work.

The report is clear and unambiguous providing you with the information needed to ensure a co-ordinated strategy for the employee’s treatment and return to work.

Health assessments for new employees provide a cost-effective and time-efficient way to manage the health of potential new employees at the point of recruitment. The questionnaire provides you with a health-related employment checklist and helps you to confirm that appropriate procedures are in place and identifies if “adjustments or adaptations” need to be made in order to fulfil your obligations under the Equality Act 2010 at the point of recruitment.

Ask for help or request a service here:

Best practice solutions through Occupational Health and Wellbeing strategies and programmes 

    • Clinical audit: assessment health records, data and outcomes, and help you to improve health decision making and risk management
    • OH audit: to assess your OH service in terms of your business need
    • Crisis and pandemic management strategy development: for your business resilience
    • Data analysis: to monitor health trends
    • Developing health and well-being programmes: to reduce health inequalities
    • Expatriate Wellbeing Services: for your overseas travellers
    • Functional capacity and disability: plans, policies and protocols
    • Health and individual risk assessments, e.g. first aid, mental health, pregnancy, disability specific, stress, young people or apprentices
    • Occupational Health needs assessment: working with, and for, organisations to improve health and wellbeing
    • Policy development: to improve organisation health and wellbeing
    • Surveillance and assessment of the employees’ health and wellbeing
    • Training for Occupational health professionals and line managers
    • Workability assessment using a standardised and validated questionnaire