External resources

Do you want to quickly access good quality, relevant and evidence based information to inform your clients, service users and reports?

Here is a list of articles by topic to help you:

Antibiotic resistance

Arthritis in the workplace

Autism in the workplace

Case management difficult cases

Case studies




Fitness certification – Spravka

Emotional resilience

Expat health matters

First aid in the office quality in OH article


Gyms and fitness centres


HAVS article

Legal aspects of OH


So do I!  I’ve been searching for a go-to site for reliable workplace health information. So I’ve pulled together my personal favourites for you, my followers.  Most links have been accessed through medscape, pubmed or patientinfo.  These sites and links have also been identified as useful by my clients.  They are intended to be helpful to link you to external information and support, and evidence based information to support informed decision-making.  Lucy Kenyon

If you have difficulty accessing any links or know of more up-to-date information, please PM me – lifelong learning and continuous improvement are my professional and personal philosophies.

General health related return to work information is available through:

Many condition specific charities offer specialist information and advice leaflets for employers including return to work and reasonable adjustments.  These can be found here.

NB We do our best to ensure that the links are up-to-date, but cannot guarantee access.

(Thank you patient.info for the authorisation to link directly).


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