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Managing Corporate Health

Healthy people mean a healthy business. You may have identified risks (either individual or departmental) which may potentially have a major impact.

Your occupational health strategy needs to meet the needs of your business and improve the work arrangements and health of your workforce.

  • Recruit the right people and provide appropriate adjustments and adaptations to enable them to do their job;
  • Manage the risks to health associated with the nature of the business;
  • Manage performance consistently and fairly, with the right advice to help you to take into account any health problems, whether short or long term;
  • Ill health, whether related or unrelated to work, needs to be managed and accommodated consistently and sensitively;
  • Help your people to improve their workability;
  • Your employee benefits programme for long term ill health needs to meet the business needs and be appropriately managed.

How can we help?

Being in business involves risk, which needs to be assessed and managed.  

  • We assess and address risks to the business.  
  • We help you and your people to make the health choices that are right for you.
  • We train your line managers to manage health problems affecting work
  • We train your OH team to deliver reasoned and evidenced advice consistently 

People are central to your business – OH helps them to work well with you.


Healthy finance enables your business to flourish.


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