Improving workability – hot tips

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Most of the clients I see are struggling with workability in some way.  They regularly need days off work, due to a fluctuating condition or a build up of fatigue, or are struggling to keep up with work and being monitored under a performance or capability procedure. Some arrive at my door anticipating a disciplinary procedure or job loss. 

It is my opinion that my patients are all experts in themselves – after all, we are all unique and respond to our health and environment differently.

Below is a checklist of things you can do to ensure you are getting the best support possible:

top tips

  1. Be aware of your health, finances, relationships at home and at work;
  2. Talk to professionals before things get on top of you; they prefer to help you to prevent problems rather than have to start fixing them;
    • Citizens Advice Bureau
    • Colleagues / Line manager / HR
    • GP / Practice Nurse
    • Specialist Nurse if you are under the care of a hospital consultant
  3. Assess your own workability score, to identify the main issues affecting your ability to work;
  4. Improve your knowledge and understanding of your condition through reputable sites:
  5. Find support from other people suffering from your condition:
  6. Make the most of your Occupational Health assessment – we are here to help you.

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